Autoservizi Sottocorna was founded by Dario Sottocorna in 1954. He started the car rental activity with a Fiat 1100, offering services to many people who could not afford a personal car as they had just come out from war. The very first passenger services were along the roads of the province of Bergamo but the demand would increase fast and Dario, together with his wife, Maria, decides to increase the supply with the purchase of some small Volkswagen minivan used as daily school bus in the surrounding areas giving a message that the entrepreneurial activity was growing. With great dedication Sottocorna spouses begin to drive their vehicles along the Lombard capital, but the request to reach further places by travellers increases and Dario buys his first coach GranTurismo.

It is 1968 and the country of Costa di Mezzate notices the arrival of the new hot Fiat Ruggeri 329 which will be in the company of a Fiat 343 after only two years.

In the 80’s Dario has a desire to cross the national borders and with great sacrifices he acquires the new Fiat 370Padane, a vehicle that made the modern history of the bus. He started to follow national and international routes, bringing for the first time the name of Aut.zi Sottocorna in Europe.

Years go by and with love and enthusiasm for their job Dario and Maria integrate and continually renew the vehicle fleet. Supported also by the family members in the early ’90s, Aut.zi Sottocorna can count on a varied contemporary fleet capable of meeting the needs of every guest.
New buses and new ways to deal with, so many miles to go and a lot of hard work to do but the kilometers go by, the buses are replaced, and the passion remains.

Today Aut.zi Sottocorna is managed and operated by his son Alessandro, who thanks to the experience gained over the years, the passion and the teachings of his parents faces calmly every day at his own company.

Autoservizi Sottocorna is now an established reality in transporting people, and addresses its offer to a heterogeneous type of customers such as Tour Operators, Specialized Agencies in Europe, Grand Tour, Pilgrimage, Cultural Tours, Excursions, Events, Transfers, School Transfer Services and to all those who decide to make their journey a truly relaxing and safe experience.